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Sham treatment/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Sham treatment.
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Any form of health treatment may have placebo effects. Some of the forms mentioned here are controversial in that some observers believe they have only placebo effect, while others believe that they can have direct therapeutic effects, which never excludes placebo effect. This article does not take a position on whether techniques have therapeutic effects in addition to placebo.

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  • Acupuncture [r]: A form of alternative medicine that involves inserting and manipulating needles into 'acupuncture points' on the body with the aim of restoring health and well-being. [e]
  • Hormesis [r]: A quantitative and qualitative dose-response relationship in which the effect at low concentrations occurs in the opposite direction from that expected from the effect observed at higher concentrations. [e]
  • Musculoskeletal manipulations [r]: Physical movement of body tissues, muscles and bones, by hands or equipment, to improve health and circulation, relieve fatigue, or promote healing. [e]
  • Placebo [r]: A treatment or drug, administered by, or at the orders of, a health professional, that the professional knows will have no physiologic effect [e]
  • Placebo effect [r]: the effect of a medical treatment that is attributable to an expectation that the treatment will have an effect [e]
  • Randomized controlled trial [r]: Method used to ensure objectivity when testing medical treatments. [e]
  • Surgery [r]: Field of medicine that focuses on operative treatments of the body. [e]
  • William Cullen [r]: (1710-1790) The leading British physician of the 18th century. [e]