Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

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Perry, R.H. and Green, D.W. (Editors)
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2007 (8th Edition}
Cover type Hardback
Pages 2640
ISBN ISBN 0-07-142294-3

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook was first published in 1934 and the most current eighth edition was published in October 2007. It has been a source of chemical engineering knowledge for chemical engineers, and a wide variety of other engineers and scientists, through seven previous editions spanning more than seventy years.

Subjects covered in the book

The subjects covered in the book include: physical properties of chemicals and other materials; mathematics; thermodynamics; heat transfer; mass transfer; fluid dynamics; chemical reactors and chemical reaction kinetics; transport and storage of fluid; heat transfer equipment; psychrometry and evaporative cooling; distillation; gas absorption; liquid-liquid extraction; adsorption and ion exchange; gas-solid, liquid-solid and solid-solid operations; biochemical engineering; waste management, materials of construction, process economics and cost estimation; process safety and many others.

A more detailed list of the contents is available on the Internet.[1]