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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Jacobian.
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  • Abelian surface [r]: A 2-dimensional Abelian variety. [e]
  • Dirac delta function [r]: Sharply peaked function, generalization of the Kronecker delta; a distribution that maps a regular function onto a single function value. [e]
  • Hyperelliptic curve [r]: An algebraic curve given by an equation of the form y2 = f(x). [e]
  • Integral [r]: A central concept in calculus that generalizes the idea of a sum to cover quantities which may be continuously varying. [e]
  • Kummer surface [r]: An irreducible algebraic surface of degree 4 in P3 with the maximal possible number of 16 double points. [e]
  • Measure (mathematics) [r]: Systematic way to assign to each suitable subset a number, intuitively interpreted as the size of the subset. [e]
  • Partial derivative [r]: A function of several variables is its derivative with respect to one of those variables while all others are kept constant. [e]
  • Polar coordinates [r]: Two numbers—a distance and an angle—that specify the position of a point on a plane. [e]
  • Spherical polar coordinates [r]: Angular coordinates on a sphere: longitude angle φ, colatitude angle θ [e]