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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Infantry.
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  • Armored fighting vehicle [r]: A military vehicle that is both protected against blast and fragments, and either has offensive weapons or directly supports combat by vehicles with offensive weapons [e]
  • Armored personnel carrier [r]: A lightly armed and armored, wheeled or tracked, military vehicle that protects passengers from light weapons and artillery fragments, and delivers them to the battlefield where they fight on foot [e]
  • Infantry fighting vehicle [r]: A vehicle intended to carry infantry onto a battlefield, sometimes allowing them to fight from inside and always to dismount and fight on foot; it accompanies dismounts and provides heavier fire support than they can carry [e]
  • Military doctrine [r]: The fundamental principles of a military organization. [e]
  • Military formation (ground) [r]: The military term for a grouping of units. [e]



Specialized infantry

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