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Rifle/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Rifle.
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  • Artillery [r]: Crew-served military devices for propelling payloads over distance [e]
  • Machine gun [r]: A firearm capable not only of full-automatic fire, but with additional features, such as large ammunition supply mechanisms, barrel cooling or quick-change features, etc., that lets it fire for prolonged periods [e]
  • Pistol [r]: A firearm intended primarily to be operated while held in the user's hand [e]
  • Shotgun [r]: An individual weapon used in sport, police, or military applications, generally firing multiple small projectiles ("shot") rather than a single bullet [e]
  • Submachine gun [r]: A firearm that can shoot a pistol cartridge (i.e., less powerful than a rifle cartridge) in full-automatic mode [e]