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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about IEEE 802.3.
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Parent topics

  • Ethernet [r]: An early proprietary standard for local area networks developed by IEEE Project 802; the term has become generic for various connectors and communications techniques although the name of a standard would be more precise. [e]
  • IEEE Project 802 [r]: The main standards body, with many working groups, that specifies technical standards for wired and wireless local area networks, with ranges up to tens of kilometers [e]
  • Data link protocol [r]: Protocol and administrative convention to manage the interaction of two or more devices connected to a common physical medium [e]
  • Local area network [r]: A range of techniques for interconnecting multiple computers, over physical media such as wire or over wireless radio, within a limited geographic area, typically multiples of 100 meters. [e]
  • Medium access control [r]: The set of protocols and administrative conventions that let multiple computers or communications devices share a common network medium, usually referring to a local area network medium, but also an area of radio communications on a given part of the electromagnetic spectrum [e]
  • Network topology [r]: Defines the method in which a computer network is architected; topologies can be either physical (meaning how the actual hardware is interconnected) or logical (meaning how that network is implemented by protocols in software) [e]


Other related topics

  • Infiniband [r]: Short-range, high-speed, low-latency computer interconnect architecture used both at the level of interconnection within boards and chassis, and in high performance computing clusters [e]