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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Group homomorphism.
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  • Algebraic number field [r]: A field extension of the rational numbers of finite degree; a principal object of study in algebraic number theory. [e]
  • Centre of a group [r]: The subgroup of a group consisting of all elements which commute with every element of the group. [e]
  • Character (group theory) [r]: A homomorphism from a group to the unit circle; more generally, the trace of a group representation. [e]
  • Characteristic subgroup [r]: A subgroup which is mapped to itself by any automorphism of the whole group. [e]
  • Dirichlet character [r]: A group homomorphism on the multiplicative group in modular arithmetic extended to a multiplicative function on the positive integers. [e]
  • Discrete logarithm [r]: The problem of finding logarithms in a finite field. [e]
  • Euler's theorem (rotation) [r]: In three-dimensional space, any rotation of a rigid body is around an axis, the rotation axis. [e]
  • Exact sequence [r]: A sequence of algebraic objects and morphisms which is used to describe or analyse algebraic structure. [e]
  • Group (mathematics) [r]: Set with a binary associative operation such that the operation admits an identity element and each element of the set has an inverse element for the operation. [e]
  • Group action [r]: A way of describing symmetries of objects using groups. [e]
  • Group theory [r]: Branch of mathematics concerned with groups and the description of their properties. [e]
  • Isogeny [r]: Morphism of varieties between two abelian varieties (e.g. elliptic curves) that is surjective and has a finite kernel. [e]
  • Normal subgroup [r]: Subgroup N of a group G where every expression g-1ng is in N for every g in G and every n in N. [e]
  • Spherical harmonics [r]: A series of harmonic basis functions that can be used to describe the boundary of objects with spherical topology. [e]