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Deflagration/Related Articles

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Deflagration: Rapid, but not explosive (i.e., subsonic) self-sustaining combustion in explosive materials, especially low explosives such as black gunpowder and desensitized smokeless powder; the combustion wave propagates by thermal conduction; can produce explosion if confined but is more likely to produce controllable gases [e]

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Parent topics


  • Gunpowder [r]: Generically, a low explosive used as a propellant, now smokeless powder; the older black powder was used as a warhead filler before the invention of high explosives; also used in pyrotechnics [e]

Other related topics

  • Detonation [r]: Extremely fast combustion in solids or fluids, which produces a supersonic shock wave with a detonation velocity; self-propagating through compression, heating and ignition of the explosive [e]