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Commissar Order/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Commissar Order.
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Parent topics

  • War crime [r]: Acts that violate the laws of war as they applied in the time and place of commission, or that were deemed violations of law, possibly ex post facto, as determined by a competent tribunal [e]
  • Political officer [r]: Principally a Soviet term, also called commissar, a Party official attached to a military unit with authority to enforce political doctrine, sometimes overriding military orders [e]
  • Adolf Hitler [r]: (1889–1945) Politician in Germany; became 1921 Nazi Party leader, 1933 Reichskanzler (Chancellor), then 1934 as der Führer dictator before and during World War II. [e]
  • Operation Barbarossa [r]: The German invasion of the Soviet Union, beginning on June 22, 1941 [e]


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