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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about War crime.
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Parent topics

  • Just war theory [r]: The branch of ethics concerned with the basis for starting, conducting, and terminating wars [e]
  • Hostis humani generis [r]: A legal principle that certain acts, such as piracy, slavery and genocide, puts one outside the norms of civilization and makes one an "enemy of all mankind", subject to early forms of universal jurisdiction or summary action [e]
  • Universal jurisdiction [r]: A concept in international law that allows a nation to prosecute an individual charged with offenses against humanity, with no requirement that the defendant or victim be a national of the Requesting State or indeed, that there are any links to the Requesting State and the defendant [e]


Historical and current sources

Case law


  • Command responsibility [r]: A doctrine, in international law, that a commander is ultimately responsible for war crimes by subordinates, even if the commander was unaware of the acts or may have taken steps to prevent the acts [e]
  • Military necessity [r]: In U.S. and NATO usage, the position that a belligerent has the right to apply any measures which are required to bring about the successful conclusion of a military operation and which are not forbidden by the laws of war. [e]
  • Tu quoque defense [r]: Add brief definition or description


Illegal orders


Current courts

Other related topics