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Cent (unit of currency)

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The cent is a unit of money in a large number of countries, always signifying one hundrednth of the basic monetary unit. The word cent is derived from the Latin centum, meaning "hundredth".

The cent is a subunit, equal to 1/100 of the primary unit, of the following monetary units:

One-cent coin from United States
PD Image
Front side of Euro cent. Appearance of back side is up to the EU member that minted the coin

The following obsolete currencies have also had a subdivision named the cent. In all cases, the cent was 1/100 of the primary unit.

In other languages

Currencies used primarily in non-English-speaking countries often have similar names derived from centum; these include the French centime and the centavo, used in several Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, and the cêntimo in Portugal.

centime centavo