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Portuguese Republic
600px-Flag of Portugal svg.png
National anthem A Portuguesa
Capital Lisbon
Official language Portuguese
Government type Semi-presidential republic
President of the Portuguese Republic Anibal Cavaco Silva (before: Jorge Sampaio)
Prime-Minister Pedro Passos Coelho (before: José Sócrates)
Area 92 931 sq km. 2 km²
58081 3 mi²
Population 10.945.870 (75th)
(2006 estimate)
Population density 114/km² (66th)
HDI 0.897 (high) (29th)
Currency Euro 4 (EUR)
Time zone UTC
Summer:EST (UTC+1)
Country codes Internet TLD : pt
Calling code : +351

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic (Portuguese: Portugal, República Portuguesa), is a country in southwestern Europe, situated in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south, and by Spain to the north and east. Its capital and largest city is Lisbon.

Portugal has the oldest national border in Europe: since its formation, it has lost only Olivenza to Spain (Olivenza remains disputed: see more here).

Portugal was the pioneer in the discovery of the New World and the sea route to India, and the founder of the first and longest-lasting colonial empire (from the conquest of Ceuta to the ceding of Macau to the Chinese).