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Canada/Catalogs/Notable Canadians

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  • Sidney Altman [r]: Canadian biologist (1938 - ) who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on transfer RNA. [e]
  • Frederick Banting [r]: Canadian physiologist (1891-1941) who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery of insulin. [e]
  • Bertram Brockhouse [r]: Canadian physicist (1918- ) who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work in the development of neutron spectroscopy. [e]
  • Charles Saunders [r]: Canadian agronomist (1867-1937) who developed Marquis wheat and thus greatly extended the area in which wheat could be grown. [e]


  • James Naismith [r]: Physical educationist and inventor of basketball (1861-1939); also credited with the invention of the football helmet. [e]
  • Dick Pound [r]: Former Olympic athlete and Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee, was head of World Anti-Doping Agency (1999-2007); born 1942. [e]

Early explorers and discovers

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Political figures

  • Pierre Trudeau [r]: Canadian politician (1919-2000) who, as prime minister, led Canada during the turbulent years of the Quebec secession movement and the patriation of the Constitution. [e]


TV presenters