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  • Ethernet [r]: An early proprietary standard for local area networks developed by IEEE Project 802; the term has become generic for various connectors and communications techniques although the name of a standard would be more precise. [e]
  • Internet Protocol version 6 [r]: The next-generation Internet Protocol, providing (among other benefits) a vastly increased address space (128bits), which should in turn provide the ability for an end-to-end Internet and allowing new models of communication to be developed. [e]
  • Local area network [r]: A range of techniques for interconnecting multiple computers, over physical media such as wire or over wireless radio, within a limited geographic area, typically multiples of 100 meters. [e]
  • Protocol (computer) [r]: A complete specification of the rules for communication between two or more computing devices in a computer network. [e]
  • Transmission Control Protocol [r]: (TCP) A protocol that reliably delivers bytes across an internet. As long as the connection is up, bytes will be delivered without bit errors and in the order they were sent. It does not guarantee latency. [e]