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If you're new to the Citizendium, we'd love you to dive "write" in.

What is the first thing you should do after you join? While you can do whatever you like (it's a wiki!), we recommend two things:

  1. Start an article. Pick a topic. Then think of a good title for an encyclopedia article about that topic. Then go to Start Article, linked on your left—and do it the Easy Way™! Just write a paragraph or two introducing the topic, beginning with a definition, or a description of what a thing is notable for. We don't mind short articles. They'll be expanded later. Then...
  2. Edit someone else's article. How? Find an article on a topic you are interested in. You can use the search box, or navigate alphabetically, or enter via workgroups. When you've found an article you want to edit, press the "edit" tab. Add a few sentences. It's OK. They just have to be a helpful addition.

Still worried?

Don't I have to know a lot more to get involved? No. All you have to do is write and collaborate on articles. That is what it's all about.
I am a non-technical person. Can you write e-mail? Then you can handle editing a wiki page.
I'll never be able to figure out that wiki markup. Complicated wiki markup is generally not needed, but you can pick it up by looking at what other people do. If you want the basics, look at the top of this page. It's not hard.
Subpages and "metadata"...I'll never figure it out. You don't have to. Do what you like to do: write. Start with baby steps, and others will help you along the way. That's why we have an Easy Way™!
There are so many instruction and policy pages! How can I ever read all that? Don't! Seriously, you're not neglecting any duties if you fail to read all that. Everybody else flies by the seat of their pants.
I'm no expert, and this is an expert project, right? I won't fit in. "We ain't elitist." Experts and the general public work well together, shoulder-to-shoulder.

For more introductory material see Getting Started for good links.


We don't actually require notes.[1]

  1. But they are nice, and many of us are note nerds.

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