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 Definition (1916-2001) A theoretical mathematician and electrical engineer, one of the foundational researchers in computer and communications design. [d] [e]

strategy for this article

An enormous amount of material exists about Shannon, both on the web and the deep web (i.e., for people who pay, or whose employers pay, such as academics). The material is largely in praise of Shannon's influence, not just on communications and computers, but also on thinking about biological processes and linguistics. So my current thinking is, rather than attempt to duplicate all that material, try to succinctly summarize the really most influential theories he proposed, and then point off to other articles about them or to publicly available resources on the web. Otherwise, the size of this article will be very large, and it will just duplicate what many other sites have already done. I'm beginning to work on this and hope to start it soon.Pat Palmer 09:33, 9 May 2008 (CDT)