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CZ:Computers Workgroup

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The Citizendium Computers Workgroup
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The Computers Workgroup coordinates the Citizendium articles related to computers and computer science. You are welcome to participate in improving, or adding to, the Computers_Workgroup articles. To author for this workgroup, please add [[:Category:Computers Authors]] to the bottom of your user page so it appears on the Category:Computers Authors page. Likewise, Editors should have [[:Category:Computers Editors]] at the bottom of their user page so they'll appear on the Category:Computers Editors page.

You are welcome to start an article that you believe is missing. Some authors have made an attempt to catalog articles that are needed; see their list at Core articles. A good thing to do is to link to the future article in existing articles; those red links encourage other authors to write about those topics. Please subscribe to the workgroup email list; it is the only way to reach all Computers authors at once. The discussion page for this article is a good place to raise policy questions.

Adding or removing articles

To add an existing or new article to the this workgroup, edit the article and add [[Category:Computers Workgroup]] to the bottom of the page. The article should then appear in one of the article clusters shown in the table above, depending on whether or how it is checklisted on its Talk page.

Recruiting people

We are actively seeking more authors and editors for this workgroup. Here is a potential recruitment letter; please consider inviting to your colleagues to join us.

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