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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Arudou Debito.
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Parent topics


  • Foreign national residency management system (Japan) [r]: Japanese national database and associated procedures used to maintain information about non-Japanese residents. [e]
  • Gaijin [r]: (外人, literally 'outside person') controversial Japanese word used to mean 'foreigner', sometimes with the connotation of 'outsider', especially as an abbreviation of the later term gaikokujin (外国人, literally 'outside country person', i.e. 'foreigner'); listed as inappropriate by most Japanese media organisations. [e]
  • Naturalization [r]: Add brief definition or description

Other related topics

  • C.W. Nicol [r]: (C.W.ニコル C.W. Nikoru) Japanese environmentalist, conservationist and writer of Welsh descent (born 1940). [e]
  • Ryuhei Kawada [r]: (川田龍平 Kawada Ryuhei) independent Japanese politician who campaigns on health issues; was involved in legal action against the government and a pharmaceutical company over the 1980s 'tainted blood scandal' that led to his HIV infection (born 1976). [e]