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The Declaration of Independence is document signed by members of the second continental congress in 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This document formally "dissolved the connection" [1] between the colonies and Great Britain.

Its primary authorship is credited to Thomas Jefferson.

Declaration of independence print02.jpg


There are 56 signatures on the declaration of independence[2]


  Button Gwinnett
  Lyman Hall
  George Walton

North Carolina

  William Hooper
  Joseph Hewes
  John Penn

South Carolina

  Edward Rutledge
  Thomas Heyward, Jr.
  Thomas Lynch, Jr.
  Arthur Middleton


  John Hancock


  Samuel Chase
  William Paca
  Thomas Stone
  Charles Carroll of Carrollton


  George Wythe
  Richard Henry Lee
  Thomas Jefferson
  Benjamin Harrison
  Thomas Nelson, Jr.
  Francis Lightfoot Lee
  Carter Braxton


  Robert Morris
  Benjamin Rush
  Benjamin Franklin
  John Morton
  George Clymer
  James Smith
  George Taylor
  James Wilson
  George Ross


  Caesar Rodney
  George Read
  Thomas McKean

New York

  William Floyd
  Philip Livingston
  Francis Lewis
  Lewis Morris

New Jersey

  Richard Stockton
  John Witherspoon
  Francis Hopkinson
  John Hart
  Abraham Clark

New Hampshire

  Josiah Bartlett
  William Whipple


  Samuel Adams
  John Adams
  Robert Treat Paine
  Elbridge Gerry

Rhode Island

  Stephen Hopkins
  William Ellery


  Roger Sherman
  Samuel Huntington
  William Williams
  Oliver Wolcott

New Hampshire

  Matthew Thornton


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