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User:David Lehavi

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Area of Specialization: Algebraic geometry. More specifically: Classical algebraic geometry, moduli spaces, birational geometry.

more or less finished and needs feedback:

Riemann-Roch theorem, hyperelliptic curve, adjunction formula

Currently working on

elliptic curve, Riemann-Hurwitz formula, Abelian surfaces, Kummer surfaces, Abelian variety, K3 surfaces, Algebraic surface, Riemann-Roch for surfaces, genus-degree formula, homotopy, canonical sheaf

Brief CV:


  • 9/2007 - present : senior algorithm's developer at Correlix Ltd.
  • 9/2006 - 5/2007 : Visiting assistant Professor at the University of Michigan.
  • 9/2005 - 7/2006 : Lecturer at Princeton university.
  • 2002-2005: Zassenhaus assistant professor at Ohio state university.


  • 1997-2002 Ph.D. (accepted December 2002), the Hebrew University.

Thesis: Bitangents and 2-level Structure for Curves of Genus 3. Adviser: Prof. Ron Livn´e.

  • 1994-1997 M.Sc. (magna cum laude) in mathematics, the Hebrew University.

Thesis: A cohomological view of the Albert Hasse Brauer Noether theorem. Adviser: Prof. Ehud De-Shalit.

  • 1991-1994 B.Sc. (summa cum laude) in mathematics, the Hebrew University.

Research papers:

  • On isogenous principally polarized abelian surface, joint with Igor Dolgachev.

To appear in an AMS contemporary math volume dedicated to the 65st birthay of Roy Smith named:curves and Abelian varietie

  • Some Intersections in the Poincaré Bundle and the Universal Theta Divisor on A_, joint with Sam Grushevsky.

Int Math Res Notices 2008 (2008), article ID rnm128.

  • Formulas for the arithmetic geometric mean of curves of genus 3, joint with C. Ritzenthaler.

Experimental Math. 16 (2007) 421-440

  • Any smooth plane quartic can be reconstructed from its bitangents.

Israel J. Math. 146 (2005), 371–379.

Preprints of all the papers above are available on the arxiv.

Expository papers:

  • Mikhalkin’s classification of M-curves in maximal position with respect to three lines.

AMS proceedings volume of Snowbird Joint Summer Research Conference Algebraic Geometry: Presentations by Young Researchers.