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USS Yorktown (CV-5)/Related Articles

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USS Yorktown (CV-5): U.S. aircraft carrier of the Yorktown-class; commissioned in September 1937; sunk at the Battle of Midway, 7 June 1942 [e]

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  • Battle of the Coral Sea [r]: Fought in May 1942, the first battle between naval forces built around aircraft carriers, in which the opposing United States and Japanese ships never saw one another; it was a tactical Japanese defeat and strategic U.S. victory [e]
  • Battle of Midway [r]: Generally considered to be the turning point of the Pacific Theater in the Second World War, a Japanese force intending to capture Midway Island was turned back with the loss of four aircraft carriers, at the cost of one U.S. carrier; it was the last major Japanese offensive of the war [e]

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