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USS Veritas (AKA-50)/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about USS Veritas (AKA-50).
See also changes related to USS Veritas (AKA-50), or pages that link to USS Veritas (AKA-50) or to this page or whose text contains "USS Veritas (AKA-50)".

Parent topics

  • U.S. Navy [r]: The branch of the United States Armed Forces charged with sea operations [e]


  • Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc. [r]: A WWII-only shipyard [e]
  • Naval Vessel Register [r]: The official inventory of U.S. Naval ships and service craft. [e]
  • Ship ceremonies [r]: Historical occasions in the life of a ship, usually beginning with keel-laying, and proceeding to launching, and, for naval vessels and vessels in a merchant service, ship commissioning; warships tend to have additional ceremonies such as change of command and decommissioning [e]
  • Ship commissioning [r]: A ceremonial and administrative step in the building and deployment of a ship, usually a naval vessel [e]
  • Ship measurements [r]: Cargo capacity, mass, dimensions, and other measurements of ships often have several variants, to reflect such things as pure infrastructure, but also the different limiting factors on loading: volume or weight [e]
  • Ship propulsion [r]: Means by which vessels are moved through the water [e]

Other related topics