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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Telemetry.
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Parent topics

  • Convergence of communications [r]: Technical specifications and infrastructure to allow all types of communications (e.g., telephone, web, television) to interface over a common set of information transfer technologies [e]


  • National technical means of verification [r]: Euphemism principally for imagery intelligence satellites and other means of strategic arms control verification, principally because the Soviet Union did not want its public to know that they could not prevent Western observation of the state [e]
  • Rocket science [r]: Variously an incorrect name for various engineering disciplines in dealing with unguided rockets or the rocket engines of more intelligent vehicles, or an ironic description of something very complex or very simple (i.e., "this isn't rocket science") [e]
  • Signals intelligence [r]: the practice of acquiring information through monitoring the electromagnetic signals deliberately trasmitted by an opponent, including communications (COMINT) and non-communications electronics such as radar (ELINT). [e]
  • System Control And Data Acquisition [r]: An industrial control system which uses a computer system monitoring and controlling process. [e]
  • Time code [r]: A digitally encoded signal that is recorded on magnetic media to identify each frame of information (e.g., video, telemetry) by hour, minute, second and frame number. [e]

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