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 Definition A non-covalent and non-ionic chemical bond involving a hydrogen atom and either Fluorine, Nitrogen, or Oxygen. [d] [e]
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Advanced theory

Today I started as a fresh Citizendium author, but with a fair amount of Wikipedia experience.

I see that the section Advanced theory in this article is equal to what the corresponding section in the Wikipedia article was before I changed it. I don't want to change it again here without consultation. You can see here how I changed it in Wikipedia.

My objections were: (i) I don't agree that hydrogen bond is mysterious. (ii) I don't know what a metric dependent scalar field is between bonds and hence I cannot understand how it can explain bonding. (iii) It escapes me why it is stated that hydrogen is a bound state phenomenon. For low enough temperatures all molecular complexes are bound, even He2.

Are there any objections to me transferring this to the present article? Or, could someone elaborate/clarify the advanced theory section, so that I can at least understand it and preferably agree with it? Paul Wormer 04:00, 17 August 2007 (CDT)

Hi Paul... I think your changes to the WP version of this page are fantastic. Looking at the history of this page, it appears you are the first author wishing to meaningfully change this particular page. While WP is an international enterprize, CZ remains extremely small (with hopes to grow!). I think you will find many (most) of the technical topics have not been modified since their orginal fork from WP. --William Weaver 13:14, 17 August 2007 (CDT)