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 Definition General group of pharmacological agents classed as psychoactive drugs, which can cause subjective changes in perception, thought, emotion and consciousness. [d] [e]
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 Workgroup categories Chemistry, Anthropology and Health Sciences [Editors asked to check categories]
 Subgroup category:  Biochemistry
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Tricky workgroups

This is a difficult call. Is pharmacology adequately covered in health sciences, so that should be used rather than chemistry? Clearly, they are used in traditional medicine, which covers healing arts and anthropology. Is psychedelic assisted psychotherapy sufficiently mainstream that, perhaps, health sciences really must replace chemistry if we have a limit of three workgroups? I'm assuming anthropology can cover them for religious ritual. The experimental military use was sufficiently implausible that I'm not going to put this under the military workgroup, although the U.S. did standardize on agent BZ, which has hallucinogenic properties