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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Square (geometry).
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  • Euclidean geometry [r]: Form of geometry first codified by Euclid in his series of thirteen books, The Elements. [e]
  • Irrational number [r]: A real number that cannot be expressed as a fraction, m / n, in which m and n are integers. [e]
  • Parallelogram [r]: A four-sided plane figure with opposite sides parallel. [e]
  • Platonic solid [r]: One of five convex polyhedra bounded by faces which are all the same regular polygon of which the same number meet in each corner. [e]
  • Polygon [r]: Two-dimensional geometric closed figure bounded by a continuous set of line segments. [e]
  • Polyhedron [r]: A three-dimensional geometric closed figure bounded by a connected set of polygons. [e]
  • Rectangle [r]: A four-sided plane figure with four right angles. [e]
  • Rhombus [r]: An equilateral parallelogram. [e]
  • Square circle [r]: A plane shape, or object viewed from one side, that is both a square and a circle; in philosophy, a common example of an impossible object. [e]
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