Nimitz Highway

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This article is about Nimitz Highway. For other uses of the term Nimitz Highway, please see Nimitz Highway (disambiguation).
Hawaii route 92
Nimitz Highway
Location United States of America


Established 1940's
Length 9.3 mi (14.97 km)
Direction East-West
East end 0.6 miles east of the Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki
West end I-H1.jpg Interstate H-1 in Honolulu
Nimitz highway.jpg

The Nimitz Highway, also known as Hawaii Route 92, is an east-west highway on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Traveling west along Nimitz highway is a common alternative to using the H-1 freeway and provides easy access to both Pearl Harbor Naval Station and Hickam Air Force Base.

Route Description

The highway begins at exit 15 off Interstate H-1, and immediately passes the Navy Marine Golf Course. Soon after the highway passes Hickam Air Force Base, and the Honolulu International Airport. The highway serves as the major entrance to the airport for all departures. After that it passes Keehi Lagoon Park, a major tourist attraction, Sand Island, a United States Coast Guard installation and public beach, the Dole Cannery, formerly the hub of Dole operations now a tourist attraction and home to a movie theater, and finally comes to an end at the Aloha Tower, a major tourist attraction and home of the Aloha Tower Marketplace.


The route was named after Admiral Chester Nimitz, a celebrated commander of the United States Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The route was constructed during the war in the 1940s in order to serve military facilities and the local airport.