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  • Electric dipole [r]: a charge distribution of two point charges of opposite sign and equal magnitude; alternatively a vector pointing from a negative to a positive point charge. [e]
  • Multipole expansion of electric field [r]: an expansion in terms of powers of 1/R of an electric potential outside a charge distribution; R is the distance of a point outside to a point inside the charge distribution. [e]
  • Stark effect [r]: The shifting and splitting of spectral lines of atoms and molecules due to the presence of an external static electric field. [e]

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  • Intermolecular forces [r]: Non-covalent forces between atoms and molecules; often synonymous with Van der Waals forces. [e]
  • Van der Waals forces [r]: Weak forces between (closed-shell) atoms and molecules. Attractive for long distances, repulsive for short distances. Sometimes used as synonym for the attractive London (dispersion) force (the only attractive force between noble gases). [e]