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Major general/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Major general.
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Parent topics

  • General officer [r]: In current military organizations, the highest military rank (although the naval equivalent is admiral); also used in the sense of general officer, the highest grade of ranks of which this is the highest [e]
  • Military rank [r]: The basic means of establishing the relative authority and status of personnel in a military organization [e]

Other related topics

  • Division [r]: Please do not use this term in your topic list, because there is no single article for it. Please substitute a more precise term. See Division (disambiguation) for a list of available, more precise, topics. Please add a new usage if needed.
  • Lieutenant general [r]: A senior military rank in ground or air forces, leading a corps-size organization, occupying a major staff leadership role, or, in some countries, commanding the entire military [e]
  • Rear admiral [r]: The lowest or next-to-lowest military rank of admiral in Naval service [e]
  • Brigadier general [r]: A title with variants, or not used at all, by various countries; its authority falls between colonel and a country-specific general grade, most commonly major general [e]