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Lymphatic system/Related Articles

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Lymphatic system: A system of organs and tissues that process and transport immune cells and lymph [e]

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  • Lymphocyte [r]: Leukocyte originating in lymphoid tissues, fundamental to the immune system, regulating and participating in acquired immunity, with receptor molecules on its surface that bind to a specific antigen. [e]



  • Lymphoma [r]: A malignancy of the lymphoid immune cells. [e]
  • Lymphedema [r]: edema due to obstruction of lymph vessels or disorders of the lymph nodes. [e]
  • Lymphangioma [r]: A benign tumor resulting from a congenital malformation of the lymphatic system; do not confuse with the malignant lymphangiosarcoma; Lymphangioendothelioma is a type of lymphangioma in which endothelial cells are the dominant component. [e]
  • Lymphangiosarcoma [r]: A malignant tumor originating from the endothelial cells of lymphatic vessels. Most lymphangiosarcomas arise in an arm secondary to radical mastectomy but they sometimes complicate idiopathic lymphedema. The lymphedema has usually been present for 6 to 10 years before malignant changes develop. [e]

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