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Japanese militarism/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Japanese militarism.
See also changes related to Japanese militarism, or pages that link to Japanese militarism or to this page or whose text contains "Japanese militarism".

Parent topics

  • Kokutai [r]: Word with many associations in Japanese politics, often rendered into English as national polity. [e]
  • Emperor of Japan [r]: Head of state of Japan, with a lineage into antiquity but certainly beginning in the 5th century CE; some Emperors have had significant power while others have been principally ceremonial and religious [e]
  • Organ theory of government [r]: A fundamental question that arose in Japanese governance, while the Emperor was an active head of state, about whether the abstract state was supreme and the Emperor was an "organ" of it, or if the Emperor was not merely the symbol of kokutai and a godlike leader [e]


Other related topics