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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about IBM compatible PC.
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  • Byte [r]: A byte is a unit of data consisting of (usually) eight binary digits, each of which is called a bit. [e]
  • Computer science [r]: The study of how computers work, and the algorithms, data structures and design principles used in their operation and programming. [e]
  • Computer [r]: A machine that executes a sequence of instructions. [e]
  • History of computing [r]: How electronic computers were first invented; how the technology underlying them evolved. [e]
  • Operating system [r]: The main software of a computer system; controls the execution of applications and provides various services to them. [e]
  • Personal computer [r]: A computer whose price, size, and features make it suitable for personal use. [e]
  • Request for Comments [r]: A Request for Comments (RFC) is one of a series of documents about the Internet, mostly technical, but some about policy issues; some become de facto Internet standards, which set the engineering specifications for the internals of the Internet, while many others languish largely or completely ignored. [e]
  • X86 [r]: The instruction set architecture for the Intel 8086 and 8088 chips, 16-bit microprocessors first produced in 1978. [e]