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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Cryptography.
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Parent topics

  • Information security [r]: The set of policies and protective measures used to ensure appropriate confidentiality, integrity and availability to information; usually assumed to be information in a computer or telecommunications network but the principles extend to people and the physical world [e]
  • Cryptology [r]: The theory and practice of protecting the content of communications, and of defeating the protective measures [e]
  • Information theory [r]: Theory of the probability of transmission of messages with specified accuracy when the bits of information constituting the messages are subject, with certain probabilities, to transmission failure, distortion, and accidental additions. [e]
  • Signals intelligence [r]: the practice of acquiring information through monitoring the electromagnetic signals deliberately trasmitted by an opponent, including communications (COMINT) and non-communications electronics such as radar (ELINT). [e]
    • Communications intelligence [r]: The subset of SIGINT concerned with signals intended to be intelligible to human beings, in the form of voice, messages, or images. [e]


Modes of encryption



  • Code (cryptography) [r]: A means of substituting, for the linguistically meaningful symbols of plaintext composed of words or other symbols meaningful to humans, into inherently meaningless numbers, letters, or words that make no sense to a recipient who is not in possession of a codebook or other means of reversing the substitution of symbols [e]


Key management


  • Claude Shannon [r]: (1916-2001) A theoretical mathematician and electrical engineer, one of the foundational researchers in computer and communications design. [e]
  • William Friedman [r]: Possibly the greatest cryptologist in history, he pioneered the application of mathematics to cryptanalysis and built the U.S. Army Signal Intelligence Service technical base. [e]
  • Auguste Kerckhoffs [r]: A 19th Century French writer, famous for giving some axioms for cryptography. [e]
  • Alan Turing [r]: British mathematician, code breaker and computer pioneer. [e]


Other related topics


Mathematical principles