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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about History of biology.
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  • Alfred Russel Wallace [r]: (1823 – 1913) British explorer and naturalist, discovered the principle of natural selection independently of Darwin. [e]
  • Botany [r]: The study of plants, algae and fungi (mycology). [e]
  • Charles Darwin [r]: (1809 – 1882) English natural scientist, most famous for proposing the theory of natural selection. [e]
  • Ernst Haeckel [r]: (1834–1919) German zoologist and one of the founders of evolutionary and developmental biology. [e]
  • Ernst Mayr [r]: (1904-2005) German biologist and major proponent of evolutionary philosophy. [e]
  • Evolution [r]: A change over time in the proportions of individual organisms differing genetically. [e]
  • Life [r]: Living systems, of which biologists seek the commonalities distinguishing them from nonliving systems. [e]
  • Marcello Malpighi [r]: (1628-1694), Italian scientist who creatively exploited the early microscope as Galileo did the early telescope, discoverer of the capillaries, and regarded as the founder of microscopic anatomy (histology). [e]
  • Molecule [r]: An aggregate of two or more atoms in a definite arrangement held together by chemical bonds. [e]