Harrison Ford (early film and theater actor)

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(PD) Image: New York Public Library
Ford with Gloria Swanson in Her Gilded Cage (1922).
Not to be confused with Harrison Ford.

Harrison Edward Ford (March 16, 1884—December 2, 1957) was an American Broadway and film star of the 1900s to 1930s.

Ford was born in Kansas City, Missouri and debuted on Broadway in 1904. He married fellow actor Beatrice Prentice in 1909. He moved to Hollywood to begin his cinematic career in 1915. All but one of Ford's movies were silent films; he starred in one "talkie", Love in High Gear (1932), before moving back into theater, where he also directed.[1]

In 1960, Ford was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; one for the other Harrison Ford (no relation) was later installed about half a mile away.


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