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Great Siege of Scarborough Castle/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Great Siege of Scarborough Castle.
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Parent topics

  • Scarborough Castle [r]: Ruined stone castle on the east coast of Yorkshire, England, begun in mid-twelfth century. [e]
  • Scarborough, North Yorkshire [r]: Seaside resort, fishing port and former spa town on the east coast of North Yorkshire, England; once an important mediaeval port and site of a major royal castle (population about 52,000). [e]
  • English Civil War [r]: 1641-1651 conflict between Parliamentarians and Royalists loyal to the monarchy. [e]
  • Siege [r]: When one side during hostilities attempts to blockade the other within a population centre or structure such as a city or a castle. [e]



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