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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about F-15 Eagle.
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Parent topics

  • Air Combat Command [r]: The United States Air Force headquarters responsibility for preparing and training resources for the operational Unified Combatant Commands, as well as doctrinal development [e]
  • Fighter aircraft [r]: Airplanes that have a principal mission of destroying other airplanes in flight, often with a secondary capability to attack ground targets [e]
  • Air superiority [r]: The condition in war in which one side dominates the other side to the extent that it is implausible that the inferior side can put up any effective air missions. [e]
  • Ballistic missile defense [r]: A combination of sensors, command and control systems, and missile/warhead kill mechanisms that protect a region, or, in the case of the U.S., theaters of operations as well as the nation proper. [e]
  • F-15 series fighter aircraft [r]: A series of fourth-generation air-to-air and all-weather fighter-bomber aircraft developed by the United States Air Force as the high end of a "high-low" mix with the F-16 Fighting Falcon; used by several friendly countries and has the best air-to-air combat record of any operational fighter [e]





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