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  • General election (UK) [r]: An election in which all seats in the UK House of Commons (the lower house of Parliament) can be contested. [e]

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  • Association of Electoral Administrators [r]: Organization committed to raising the profile and enhancing the status of electoral administrators. [e]
  • Caliphate [r]: An Islamic form of government in which one person acts as head of state, head of government and head of religion; also the jurisdiction of such a government. [e]
  • Consent of the governed [r]: Political theory stating that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is, or ought to be, derived from the people or society over which that power is exercised. [e]
  • Edinburgh [r]: The capital of Scotland. [e]
  • Hanging chad [r]: A piece of paper partially, but not completely, punched from a punch card. [e]
  • Kenneth Wollack [r]: President of the National Democratic Institute, a nonpartisan democracy promotion organization; foreign policy journalist; past legislative director of the American Israel Public Action Committee and active in U.S. Democratic Party campaigns [e]
  • Law [r]: Body of rules of conduct of binding legal force and effect, prescribed, recognized, and enforced by a controlling authority. [e]
  • Membership organization [r]: An organization with explicit procedures, criteria or processes of recognizing or designating members. [e]
  • Minority government [r]: Parliamentary government in which the governing party has fewer votes than the parties of the opposition. [e]
  • Northern Rhodesia [r]: British protectorate in south central Africa which became Zambia on independence in 1964. [e]
  • Ontario [r]: A province in eastern Canada, the second largest in area and with approximately 12,000,000 people (2006 census) the most populous. [e]
  • Orval Faubus [r]: (1910-1994) A segregationist politician who served as the 34th Governor of Arkansas from 1955 to 1967. [e]
  • Primary election [r]: Election in which voters in a jurisdiction select candidates for a subsequent election. [e]
  • Voting system [r]: A methodology for collecting and combining the preferences of a population of voters for various candidates. [e]