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This addendum is a continuation of the article Economics.

The economics articles

See also the alphabetical index

Subject groups

There are articles and definitions in seven main subject groups:

Article format

Articles are in up to five parts.

  • The main article, which is intended to be accessible to readers with no training in economics and no familiarity with mathematics, and consequently contains no equations or charts.
  • The related articles subpage, which contains a link to the index of topics; lists of parent articles, subtopics and related topics.
  • A tutorials subpage (for some articles) containing mathematical equations and charts and material suitable for reference by economists and students of economics.
  • A timelines subpage (for some articles) listing events in chronological order, the main purpose of which is to provide links to contemporary news reports.
  • An addendum subpage (for some articles) containing material that is more detailed than is considered appropriate to the main article.


The economics index provides a link to every individual concept or topic that is referred to in the economics articles.


A list of the timelines appearing as subpages to economics articles is on the timelines subpage of this article.


The economics glossary contains definitions of terms that are in general use by economists, and more specialised definitions are provided by the finance glossary, the banking glossary, the international economics glossary, the macroeconomics glossary and the monetary policy glossary