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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Denial of service.
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  • Amplification attack [r]: A means of denying service from computers, networks, or both, not by the direct volume or resource consumption of the attack stimulus itself, but by the volume of responses that it generates [e]
  • Domain Name System security [r]: A set of extensions to the Domain Name System to protect it from security threats known at the time [e]
  • Ingress filtering [r]: A class of network security measures based on the assumption that a packet entering a network must be forged, if the network has no return route to its source address [e]
  • Malware [r]: A term created from the words "malicious" and "software", used to describe undesirable or harmful software and changes to a computer. [e]
  • Miscreant [r]: One who enters a computer or computer network without authorization by the owner or administrator, regardless of the motivation for entry [e]
  • Sinkhole (computers) [r]: A network element, or set of network elements, to which suspect or confirmed attacking traffic is diverted, both for protecting the production network and for planning and executing a specific defense [e]