British Overseas Territories

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The British Overseas Territories number 14 in total and are self-governing to varying degrees, with some of their affairs the responsibility of the United Kingdom. None of these areas is part of the United Kingdom, but typically the UK is responsible for their defence and many aspects of foreign policy, and they also share the same head of state, currently Elizabeth II. Historically, most were part of the British Empire but have not become independent or part of another state. They are separate from the Crown Dependencies, which have are more closely linked with the UK. Some of the territories are also partially subject to European Union regulations, though Gibraltar alone is represented in the European Parliament.

Most of the territories are permanently inhabited, though the British Antarctic Territory has no year-round population and, like other territories in Antarctica, is not politically recognised by most countries. The Akrotiri and Dhekelia Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus are military outposts administered by the British Armed Forces. Residents of the Territories are typically British Overseas Territories citizens, but various categories of British nationality have been applied over the years.