Crown Dependencies

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The Crown Dependencies comprise the Isle of Man plus the Channel Islands, which are divided between Guernsey and Jersey. These British Islands have constitutional links to the United Kingdom but are largely self-governing and not part of the UK state itself. They are not British Overseas Territories due to their historical and cultural connections to the UK.

Citizens of the Crown Dependencies are British citizens, the same as citizens of the UK. Laws made in the UK that apply to the Dependencies refer to them and the UK collectively as British Islands, and British passports issued in the Dependencies are so labelled. However, only citizens with some link to the UK are also European Union citizens. The islands are subject to various EU regulations but not are members of the organisation.

Only the status of British citizen grants right of abode in the UK, but citizens of the different 'British Islands' areas are not automatically entitled to reciprocal rights and privileges - for instance, someone resident in the UK is not entitled to free healthcare on the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey, including Alderney, Sark and Herm), and likewise Channel Islanders cannot receive free UK National Health Service treatment.