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Muslim Alliance in North America

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Describing itself as an organization of mosques, organizations and individuals, the Muslim Alliance in North America focuses on the " great social and economic problems that are challenging Muslim communities especially in the inner city; the need for the involvement of masjids [mosques] and Muslims" toward the goals of:[1]

  1. "to establish the strong presence of viable, healthy and dynamic Muslim communities, neighborhoods and institutions that meet the religious, social, economic and political needs of the Muslims in this land;
  2. to call humanity actively and systematically to the life-giving message of Islam with wisdom and beautiful teaching;
  3. advocate and work for just and righteous remedies to ills impacting North American society in general and Muslims in particular

DiscoverTheNetworks states it was founded in February 2001 by Siraj Wahhaj and Ihsan Bagby, and is "A predominantly black organization representing Muslims indigenous to the United States". It is part of the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections (AMTF), a national coalition of some of the largest Muslim organizations in the U.S., whose common objectives are to “[m]ainstream the American Muslim community” and work for “the empowerment of [that] community and for the protection of its rights.” These organizations include:[2]

It co-endorsed a rally for Aafia Siddique "and other Muslim political prisoners in America." The other endorsers were: [3]

  • American Muslim Alliance (AMA)
  • Community Masjid of Atlanta (Georgia)
  • Families United For Justice in America (FUJA)
  • International Action Center (New York)
  • International Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (Philadelphia, PA)
  • New York chapter, Islamic Circle of North America
  • JERICHO, Justice For Aafia Coalition (U. K.)
  • Majlis-Ashura of New York
  • Masjid Al-Taqwa (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Masjid Mujahideen (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood (Harlem, NY)
  • Movement in Movement Artist & Activist Collective (New York)
  • Muslims Consultative Network (New York)
  • Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (New York)
  • Project SALAM (Albany, NY)
  • Fahad Hashmi Support Committee (New York)
  • Fort Dix 5 Support Committee (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Free Shifa Support Committee (Atlanta, GA)
  • Newburgh 4 Support Committee (New York)
  • New York Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Peace Thru Justice Foundation (Silver Spring, MD)
  • Tarek Mehanna Support Committee (Boston, MA)
  • WESPAC Foundation(Pleasantville, NY