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Vocal learning/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Vocal learning.
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Parent topics


  • Babbling [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Birdsong [r]: Vocalizations that birds learn. [e]
  • Language [r]: A type of communication system; this term is used in linguistics, computer science and other fields to refer to different systems, including 'natural language' in humans, programming languages run on computers, and so on. [e]
  • Music [r]: The art of structuring time by combining sound and silence into rhythm, harmonies and melodies. [e]
  • Spoken language [r]: An example of language produced using some of the articulatory organs, e.g. the mouth, vocal folds or lungs, or intended for production by these organs; alternatively, the entire act of communicating verbally - what people mean or intend, the words they use, their accent, intonation and so on. [e]
  • Subsong [r]: The songs produced by adolescent songbirds, similar to the babbling stage in human language development. [e]

Other related topics

  • Entrainment (biomusicology) [r]: The synchronization of different individual organisms to an external rhythm, usually in the framework of social interactions. [e]
  • Music psychology [r]: The study of how, when, where and why people engage in music and dance. [e]
  • Psycholinguistics [r]: Study of the psychological and neurobiological factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend and produce language. [e]
  • Evolutionary psychology [r]: The comparative study of the nervous system and its relation to behaviour across species. [e]
  • Language evolution [r]: Please do not use this term in your topic list, because there is no single article for it. Please substitute a more precise term. See Language evolution (disambiguation) for a list of available, more precise, topics. Please add a new usage if needed.
  • FOXP2 [r]: A regulatory gene on human chromosome 7, involved in language disorders. [e]