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United States Navy/Catalogs/Ship classes

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Active and planned

Aircraft carrier


  • Ticonderoga-class [r]: Modern U.S. Navy cruisers usually serving as carrier or amphibious escorts, but capable of independent action including long-range strike, anti-air/anti-ballistic missile/anti-satellite warfare, naval gunfire support, and antisubmarine warfare. [e]


Ocean Escort


Amphibious warfare

Littoral and special


Aircraft carriers


Cruisers and destroyer leaders

First World War and Interwar


Second World War

  • Alaska-class [r]: Two-ship class of 30,000 ton U.S. Navy "large cruisers" with 12" main battery, 27,500 ton displacement; not battlecruisers as sometimes described, but a bad design intended for carrier escort; essentially a super-Baltimore-class; strikingly attractive ships with no real role not better done by the Iowa-class [e]
Light and AA

Cold War

During the Cold War, the U.S. Navy went through numerous renamings of cruiser-like ship types, eventually stabilizing in 1975, but having gone through calling them "frigates" much larger than today's ocean escort frigates, and destroyer leaders. Burke-class destroyers operational today are as large, or larger, than several of these classes.


First World War

Interwar & Second World War

Cold War