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[Note to the proposer: please delete these lines after reading! Please bear in mind that if you do not volunteer to be the driver of the proposal, and you do not fill it out in great detail, then your proposal or issue will be addressed only if a driver is found. So, if you really do want your work not to go to waste, please do help locate a driver for your proposal. Thanks! Now please delete the foregoing message!]

This proposal has not yet been assigned to any decisionmaking group or decisionmaker(s).
The Proposals Manager will do so soon if and when the proposal or issue is "well formed" (including having a driver).
For now, the proposal record can be found in the new proposals queue.

Driver: (please specify, if any)

Complete explanation

A complete, clear, feasible, and (as applicable) step-by-step explanation of the proposal. Or, if an issue: a complete and fair explanation of the competing positions that the decisionmakers are being asked to consider.


The reasoning behind the proposal, or behind the various options offered in the issue. Make sure it is clear what problem you're trying to solve (or opportunity you're trying to leverage), and the proposal would solve the problem.


A practical "to do list" type explanation of how the proposal will be implemented, and who will implement it. If there is no one to implement the proposal (as, for example, with many technical or recruitment proposals), then it is automatically declined.


A discussion section, to which anyone may contribute.

Proposals System Navigation (advanced users only)

Proposal lists (some planned pages are still blank):