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These are Executive Committee proposals that are "finished": they were approved and action on them has, at least, started.

Simplifying and improving CZ guidance pages

Summary: Briefly, we have a logjam. The guidance pages are important and often sensitive, but need simplifying and improving. This intimidates editors (fear of introducing an error). I propose that we have an Approved version of all CZ pages, and a Draft version that is clearly open to all suggestions and contributions. The Approval process should be as that for other articles, except that the relevantly qualified "editors" are the Executive Committee.
Original proposer: Gareth Leng 07:08, 14 February 2008 (CST) Next step: Finished
Driver: Gareth Leng 04:02, 15 February 2008 (CST) To be done by: Finished
Complete proposal

Adopt the proposals system

Summary: The Citizendium should adopt the proposals system as current set out on CZ:Proposals and its subpages. We Citizens can and should participate in our own governance. We Citizens often offer ideas for improvements (proposals) and make calls for a decision to be made between definite options (issues). Notice that we do distinguish between proposals and issues, but, below, we'll sometimes use "proposal" to mean "either a proposal or an issue." The proposals system is a single place where Citizens may make proposals and raise issues. If you submit a proposal here, and it gains a champion (a "driver"), you can be sure that the community will respond; your ideas or your question will not simply fall through the cracks. (Read further on CZ:Proposals.)
Original proposer: Larry Sanger 19:58, 14 February 2008 (CST) Next step: No next step
Driver: Larry Sanger To be done by: Finished!
Notes: And yes...I am using the system to confirm the system...circularity alert! But stand back, I'm an Expert about this. (I wrote my dissertation about an analogous kind of circularity.)
Complete proposal

Proposals System Navigation (advanced users only)

Proposal lists (some planned pages are still blank):