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CZ:Proposals/Editorial Council

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These are proposals that will go (or are now) before the Editorial Council.

Subgroups in addition to Workgroups

Summary: Subgroups can represent a subset of editors and authors from a workgroup with a niche interest, be a vehicle for collaboration between different workgroups, a navigation tool or all of these concepts. They will function in a similar manner to workgroups but be smaller and only semi-autonomous since they must be affiliated to one or more workgroups.
Original proposer: Chris Day, Jan 16, 2009 Next step: Decision by Editorial Council
Driver: Chris Day To be done by: Pending EC
Notes: See CZ:Editorial Council Resolution 0014
Complete proposal

Disambiguation mechanics

Summary: This proposal argues that all disambiguation pages should be at titles of the form "foo (disambiguation)", with a redirect at all basic names which are being disambiguated; this will allow us to easily find articles which have been linked (erroneously) to the wrong meaning of "{foo}".
Original proposer: J. Noel Chiappa 09:33, 15 May 2008 (CDT) Next step: Thread revived for final discussion before writing the resolution.
Driver: Chris Day To be done by: Mar 15th
Notes: A thread on the forums wandered into discussion of this topic here.
Complete proposal

Should we allow article specific subpages?

Summary: The proposal recommends that citizendium adds three new fields to the metadata template (tab1, tab2 and tab3) that can be used to specify a subpage that is not defined in the generic list of subpages. An example of this can be seen at Iron/Isotopes. The Isotopes subpage will only be used by a small fraction of clusters (typically elements). This information could live on the /Catlogs subpage but citizendium readers will find it far more intuitive if the tab actually says Isotopes rather than Catalogs.
Original proposer: Chris Day 23:25, 1 May 2008 (CDT) Next step: Additional feedback
Driver: Chris Day To be done by: Mar 15th
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