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This article is basically copied from an external source and has not been approved.
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 Definition Holder of an office in the federal government that was once responsible for collecting and disbursing government money, but which has become less important since 1974 and is now mainly a political patronage job responsible for promoting the President's economic policy. [d] [e]

Additional sources needed

At present the article is almost entirely a cut-and-paste from the Treasurer's Office website. Before the article becomes approvable I hope there will be points of view and information added from other sources. While the official government site does contain a high level of detail about the history of the position, one might wonder what it leaves out. A less charitable view of the (current version of) the Treasurer's office is that it is a way to give a sinecure to a political hack who can spend her next four years traveling around the nation to bankers' conventions, local TV talk shows, and Kiwanis Clubs, touting the current administration's (whether Dem. or Rep.) economic policies to the public at public expense. Not that that's how CZ would express it, but that's a position to be taken into account -- along with a few examples of what kinds of jobs modern Treasurers have held before becoming Treasurer. (Hint: their job titles usually contained words like "campaign manager" and "Party National Committee Member" rather than "Professor of Economics" or "Chief Financial Officer.") Yeah, yeah, I know, I should just do it, but at least let me make the suggestion that such information belongs here alongside the Treasurer's Office's own self-glorifying prose. Bruce M.Tindall