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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Mathematica.
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  • Computer algebra system [r]: Software program enabling manipulation of mathematical expressions in symbolic form. [e]
  • Contour plot [r]: Image, that shows a function f of two variables with lines f(x,y)=const in the x,y plane [e]
  • Factorial [r]: The number of ways of arranging n labeled objects in order; the product of the first n integers. [e]
  • FixedPointsLoge00 [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Gamma function [r]: A mathematical function that extends the domain of factorials to non-integers. [e]
  • Implicit plot [r]: Function whose relation to the variable is given by an equation for which the function has not been solved explicitly. [e]
  • Logarithm [r]: Inverse of exponentiation, as subtraction is the inverse of addition and division is the inverse of multiplication. [e]
  • MATLAB [r]: Numerical computing environment and programming language. [e]
  • Maple (software) [r]: Commercial computer algebra system and a general purpose mathematics software. [e]
  • Spherical polar coordinates [r]: Angular coordinates on a sphere: longitude angle φ, colatitude angle θ [e]